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Cosplayers - Performers - Dancers


What is Re:Star?

Re:Star is a dream project that became reality between partners Chaosity & Ash to bring the art of stage to conventions in a new way! 

Both Chaosity & Ash have been active members in the Anime convention scene for 7+ years. Tired of attending conventions with the same atmosphere and outlook, the duo decided to change up their direction. Taking their passion for dancing, creating extravagant costumes, and bringing characters to life; mashing them all together in one package! 

The pair at Re:Star have been a part of multiple Idol Fest showcases, con halftime performances, and competed within cosplay competitions obtaining multiple awards. Re:Star has also collaborated with several other groups and individuals for projects and events. 

Re:Star makes sure that every performance and costume they chose is given their 110% love and dedication to make the best, fun and flashy result!


Dances & Performances

Live Performance Resume

  •  Holiday Matsuri Idol Hell 2016

  • Halftime dance cover contest performances Holiday Matsuri 2016, 2017

  • Holiday Matsuri Idol fest 2017, 2018

  • Metrocon Idolfest 2019

  • Lumicon  StarPop! Live 2019

  • Lumica / Anisong Party Idol Showcase AWA 2019 

  • Holiday Matsuri 18+ Cosplay Contest


Craftsmanship Portfolio

Heavenly Visitor Tenn & Ryunosuke

-Awarded Costumes-

Holiday Matsuri Judge's Award 2018

Omni Expo Masters Division Award 2019

Wish Voyage Riku

Silver Sky Re:vale

Fang & Coda


Cosplay Showcase

Ten Count

Wish Voyage

Reo & Mabu

Doppo & Hifumi

Jakurai & RAmuda

Heavenly Visitor

Dice & Gentaro

Re:Vale-No Doubt

Road To Infinity


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Feel free to contact Re:Star with any questions and/or inquiries! 

If you are interested in allowing us to host an event at your convention or gathering please inform us at your earliest convenience!



Contact us directly here!


-Awarded Costumes-

Holiday Matsuri Winter Crown/World Cosplay Summit Preliminary Winner

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